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Do you struggle with opening up to your partner because you fear judgment or dismissal of your feelings? Are either you or your spouse feeling stagnant or like the spark is fading in the relationship? Perhaps you would like to increase the intimacy in your relationship, build trust or simply just feel closer to your partner. In any or all cases, my work will aid to recreate positive patterns within your relationship and help you achieve overall internal balance as a unit: over time your moods will not be affected by external factors like your partners mood, say for example if your partner is having a bad day- I will help you learn to regulate and redirect the goal of the relationship as a unit. GOALS: Rebuild Trust Increase Intimacy Increase Respect, and Affection Disarm conflicting verbal communication Remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy Build love maps to understand each other's inner world to increase bonding and connection SKILLS: The Gottman Method, reinforces each partner to create shared meaning within the relationship, make life dreams come true, and manage conflict through applying skills such as self-soothing, intimate dialogue and radical acceptance. (EFT) Emotionally Focused Therapy, reinforces the establishment or re-establishment of trust, building lasting emotional intimacy and positive communication. Given that the divorce rate in America is 50%. It is a relief to uncover the EFT research has proven that 70-75% of couples undergoing EFT successfully move from distress to recovery and 90% of couples show significant improvement. There is hope and I am happy to serve!


Do you need to speak with someone who truly understands your issues because you feel many of those you opened up to just don't seem to get it? Do you come from a family that may shame you if they knew who you really were? Are you in a relationship where one partner is not out and it's affecting the quality of your relationship? Perhaps you are in the midst of questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation and are still figuring it all out. I am devoted to helping you navigate challenges relating to self worth as I will help you work through obstacles related to internalized shame, confusion about your sexuality and identity, relationship blocks, and support you in personal growth and development.
COMING OUT? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I provide "coming out" support to my clients as I deeply understand the potential benefits and challenges to coming out whether its coming out to others, or simply coming out to yourself. I also work with the families of LGBTQ individuals and adolescents as I help parents build the foundational knowledge around healthy child development and the experiences of LGBTQ children and youth.

I have a particular specialty working with lesbian individuals and couples as I have spent over a decade providing support to this population. I've helped both lesbian individuals and couples find greater fulfillment and meaning in their lives and in their romantic relationships. I also specialize in working with minority groups, specifically the Middle-Eastern population and the local Los Angeles Iranian community including individuals, couples and families. ISSUES TREATED: Gender Identity + Sexual Orientation LGBTQ issues and challenges Transgender related challenges Minority groups related challenges Parenting while identifying on the LGBTQ spectrum SKILLS: Affirmative LGBTQ Therapy Feminist and Queer Theory Genderbread Education ​​


Do you struggle with maintaining relationships? Do you often resort to acting desperate, clingy, or needy? Do you lack confidence and a sense of who you really are outside of when you are attempting to attract love or sex? Have you always been in pursuit of the “perfect love?” Childhood experiences strongly predict how our adult relationships will play out. Love and sex addiction often result from childhood abuse or abandonment, which is why trauma work may be an integral part of treatment. During therapy, clients may discover they are reflexively attracted to partners who reinforce the pain they experienced in early childhood. Clients may later discover that they are attracted to people who are similar to the parent with whom they had the most difficulty with, in an unconscious effort to repair the broken relationship with that parent. These insights are a vital part of breaking the addictive cycle. If you are still in doubt, I invite you to ask yourself: Have you ever craved love or sex so intensely that you will break your own values and accept behaviors in others you said you never would? Remember, the patterns in your life will keep repeating until the lesson is learned. I will support you in breaking these addictive patterns that leave you feeling helpless and out of control, so you can build healthy relationships, set appropriate boundaries and achieve true intimacy. SKILLS: Motivational Interviewing- helps strengthen the client’s own motivation for and commitment to change in a manner that is consistent with client’s expressed values. Rational Emotive Therapy- helps clients identify, challenge, and replace their destructive thoughts with healthier, adaptive thoughts. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy- teaches clients how to regulate their emotions to reduce the self-destructive behaviors that derive from extreme, intense emotions.


Does your child or teen react in extreme ways that make you wonder if they are just having an emotional outburst or there is an underlying mental health issue at hand because they appear too angry for this to seem "normal?" Do you often wonder with confusion if your son or daughter is just being lazy or if they have a real issue they just wont speak up about because they claim their anxiety and depression makes it too difficult for them to do so? Does your teen appear "awkward" in their ability to express their feelings and participate in more complex social interactions? Or perhaps your teen appears "stuck" at a stage that is inappropriate for their age? I have a particular specialty working with teens who struggle with social expression, academic focus, behavioral issues, regulating their emotions, and diagnosis such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar and other Mood Disorders. Many of these young people are extremely bright and are able to do well in specific areas of academic focus but are overwhelmed by the social demands of young adulthood. I help young adults start integrating back into “the real world” by finding direction and success in academics, setting a career path, and establishing a healthy network of friends and a strong relationship with their parents.

I provide these young adults the clinical support and individualized focus they need to find balance and direction in their lives, discover personal goals in real world situations, and succeed at the tasks necessary to reach these goals. I help teens discover and experience internal passion and joy and share it with others, which results in more positive relationships. Your teen will learn to engage the world in less perfectionistic, black/white ways, which allows them to break the challenging chain of anxiety, depression, and loneliness that held them back and conquer fears of the future. Your teen can begin to develop a life that’s worth living! The causes for teens struggling with such issues can be related to certain life events that have resulted in unresolved traumas. Understanding that various trauma's impact our emotions, physiological states and social angsts, I use the following treatment modalities and skills to process the trauma you or a loved one has experienced. Skills: Trauma Informed Care Sexual Assault Survivor Care Seeking Safety (Bullying, Substance Abuse and PTSD curriculum) PTSD related anxiety and depression Mindfulness Strategies to create a sense of calm


What if you were suddenly able to clearly express what you want to your partner, co-workers, boss, or family in a way that strengthened your relationships rather than leading to frustration or built up resentment? Wouldn’t life be much less stressful if you had the emotional vocabulary and listening skills to hear the feedback of others without feeling terrible about yourself in the process? What if you could stay authentic in speaking your truth and expressing your opinion without criticizing, pressuring or offending another? Well, now you can attain these skills simply through our work together! I teach a highly valuable set of communication skills I've gained amongst my practice in psychotherapy- one of which is called Active Empathic Listening. Through applying Active Empathic Listening you get to the root of the problem, stop anger from escalating and cool down any crisis situation or conflict peacefully. You also can acquire the skills to stop miscommunications and false assumptions before they even begin and gain the ability to fix misinterpretations on the spot. Learn to get what you want without using demands, guilt or shame, while genuinely hearing the needs behind whatever anyone does or says with less effort. You will learn to reduce hostility, receive feedback gracefully, even if its constructive criticism and turn any tense situation into an opportunity for strength and a positive experience for both parties. By examining the unmet needs behind what we do or say, Active Emphatic Listening will teach you to make others feel heard, deeply understood, and safer to communicate with honesty for further authenticity and strength in your professional and personal relationships. SKILLS: Non-violent Communication Techniques, help you strengthen emotional safety and authenticity through non-judgment and empathy DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Techniques, help you identify and reach your objective within each interaction Active Listening, helps you build mutual trust and understanding of the each persons inner world Reflective Listening Mindful Relating Fair Fighting





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