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At The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC, We Will be Proud to Be Your Voice

The saddest truth about sexual assault incidents is that they are mostly never reported. Survivors of sexual assault – children and adults alike – are usually intimidated into silence and it is quite understandable. Our attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC are proud to be their voices. Although the criminal justice system has been put in place to punish sexual assault offenders through incarceration and payment of fines to the state, compensation for the victim's injuries isn’t adaquately included in the criminal justice system. To seek closure and be reasonably compensated, you need to file a civil claim. That is where we come in, to stand strong for you. Regardless of who commits the sexual assault, we’ll be bringing a claim against them, including: Nursing home orderlies and staff Coworkers, supervisors, and employers Government agents and officers Trainers and coaches Teachers, educators, and daycare providers Clergy members. Although it is impossible to erase the hurt of sexual abuse, you are sure to find peace of mind and closure by getting justice and deserving compensation. In most cases, a victim may be required to offset medical bills and other monetary expenses accompanying the immediate physical and emotional damage from the sexual assault. You have the right to take legal action and we are here to help you do that. It is what we are called to do and we are passionate about it. Call us on 1-800-417-1693 now to book a free, confidential consultation with our sexual-victim attorneys.

Sexual Abuse Can Come in Diverse Forms

Although most cases of sexual assault involve physical acts, some don’t. Sexual abuse can come in many forms and every single form is damaging regardless. Some of the nonphysical forms of sexual abuse are: Taking pictures and distributing the images of someone in illicit positions without permission. Convincing another to commit a sexual act through authority or coercion. Exposing young children to pornographic content. Forcing someone into committing sexual acts agaisnt their will.

Lifelong Effects of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Some sexual abuse incidents are so violent that they leave the victim with a serious physical injury. Treatments for such injuries can be very expensive. Nevertheless, the worst kinds of harm caused by sexual assault are often emotional and mental. This is why most victims of sexual abuse end up being traumatized for life. Victims who survived sexual assault may develop or experience the following: Anxiety Crippling fear Extreme distrust for others Inability to socialize Depression Due to the emotional trauma, victims of sexual abuse may have difficulty in attending school or staying gainfully employed. This may result in the inability to make money for a comfortable livelihood. At Rodriguez Law Firm, PC, we will take such financial losses into account when we file a case for you against your sexual abuser.

You Can Be Confident About Our Legal Representation

At Rodriguez Law Firm, PC, our sexual abuse attorneys approach sexual abuse claims with the urgency and sensitivity it requires. We are dedicated to bringing sexual abusers to book, as well as the institutions that enable them – universities and some catholic dioceses as seen in recent news. Our determination is strong enough to blast through any opposition especially when we know that so much is at stake. To begin your quest for justice and closure today, call 1-800-417-1693 or contact us through our online platform. Because we respect your privacy and seek to protect your interests, you can be sure that all inquiries will be confidential.