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Thank you for visiting The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC website. The content on this site is for informational and/or educational purposes only and is not intended to offer legal advice. You should not rely upon any material presented on this site as a substitute for legal or other professional advice. If you have a specific question regarding a particular legal issue, you should consult a legal professional.


No Attorney – Client Relationship


Transmitting information on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC. Any communication via the Internet through this website is not intended in part or whole to create an attorney-client relationship between The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC and any recipients.

Please be aware that sending an email to our Firm does not itself create an attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, please be advised that the Rodriguez Law Firm PC cannot represent you as counsel unless you and our Firm have expressly agreed in writing in the form of a signed written contract with our firm.


Jurisdictional Disclaimers


The Rodriguez Law Firm PC handles cases in Texas. For any case outside of the aforementioned state, The Rodriguez Law Firm sometimes works with local co-counsel in each state. The Rodriguez Law Firm maintains its primary office in McAllen, TX at 1111 W. Nolana Ave., McAllen Texas 78504.

This site may be considered Attorney Advertising in some jurisdictions. The intended readers targeted by this site do not reside outside of the jurisdictions in which our attorneys are licensed to practice law. The attorneys in The Rodriguez Law Firm do not wish to enter into an attorney-client relationship with any individual seeking our representation in a jurisdiction in which that representation would be unlawful or would violate applicable professional rules of ethics.


Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results


The Rodriguez Law Firm does not offer a guarantee of specific case results. The outcome of any case is dependent upon the facts of the case, the trier of fact, and many other variables.

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