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Our Fees at the Rodriguez Law Firm, PC


Personal Injury Cases - Medical Malpractice Cases

With these type of cases, we rarely charge our clients any fee for rendered services unless they have received compensation. This fee is usually an agreed percentage and depends on the results we achieve for them, otherwise known as a contingency fee. It is not just a fair way to be paid for our services but also the best option for an average person, who has already suffered great losses, to get skillfully representation without paying upfront.

We believe that our clients should be charged a fair and reasonable price for the quality service we render. That is why our attorneys’ fees are usually based on a balance of our skill, knowledge, experience, and tireless efforts, amongst other considerations.

From our first meeting with you, our focus is on one thing – how exactly can the Rodriguez Law Firm, PC help you.

It is our policy at the Rodriguez Law Firm, PC that a contingency fee should be fair and fit well for each individual case. 

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