Premises Liability Lawyers

Defending You and Getting You the Compensation You Deserve Landlords of commercial and residential buildings are legally responsible for maintaining a conducive environment for the residents of their properties. If a report of any hazard is taken to the owner, he or she is expected to address them adequately and avert any risk of danger as much as he or she can. But when the property owner fails to do so, it is the customers, patrons, and other residents that suffer the risk of severe injury or death. Other effects may include emotional trauma, pain, insignificant medical expenses, and missed time from work. It is essential that you take legal action if you have suffered any such occurrence in a store, at someone else’s home, or a business. Our experienced premises liability attorneys will help you through the process.

What is Premise Liability?

Though there are variations in the federal, state, and local laws regarding the responsibilities of a property owner, the prime duty is to ensure that the grounds, the buildings, and other areas of the property are risk-free for both the clients and visitors who have a business on the property. Saddly, if a property owner fails to do this, it is innocent people that are likely to suffer. Some of the cases that premises liability encompasses include:

  • Staircase accidents
  • Defective sidewalks
  • Dog bites
  • Inadequate electricity
  • Electrocution
  • Slip and fall accidents
Slip and fall accidents, which happens to be the most common of these occurrences happen daily. Some of the factors that contribute to slip and fall accidents are slippery or uneven floors, broken stair rails, poor lighting, cracked sidewalks, torn carpets, and poor weather conditions. A victim could also have a premises liability case if he or she suffers injury as a result of inferior construction materials, defective electrical wiring, snow left on the sidewalk, or a building code violation. Working with a Premises Liability attorney will help you ascertain the cause of the injury and help you file a lawsuit that will get you appropriate compensation for your situation.

When Property Owners Neglect their Obligations

A property owner is expected to address any risks of danger on or around the property as soon as he is informed. He or she may be required to place a wet-floor sign close to an area that is wet or clean up the floor to avoid a slip and fall accident. If he or she fails to address reported issues, he or she is obligated to pay for damages if a patron is eventually assaulted, injured, or attacked owing to a lack of security. If a property owner fails to provide adequate safety measures like installing a security camera or repairing a faulty camera and a crime like a robbery, assault, or rape occurs, the victim has the right to file for damages through a Premises Liability case against the landlord or individuals involved.

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