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We can arrange for doctors and medical clinics to treat your injuries. 

It is no secret that immediately or sometime after you are involved in an accident, you will have pain.  And that pain needs to be evaluated by a medical professional. The Rodriguez Law Firm will make arrangements for you to see those doctors and clinics, who in turn will send the medical bills to our firm. 


Not having insurance or money to pay for your treatment should never be an obstacle. 


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Don't let yourself or your family suffer from the injuries caused by someone else.  Not taking care of yourself or your family can only become worse as time goes on. Let us protect you and your family.

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The majority of our practice is Personal Injury claims.  We have the knowledge and experience to take on those Big Corporations and Big Insurance companies. WE CAN HELP.

Many lawyers are afraid of taking on those Big and Powerful Corporations and Insurance Companies.  For the Rodriguez Law Firm, that is a common-day breakfast.  We litigate against those Big Boys, and often get Big Bucks.

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Professional Trial Attorneys for Vehicle Accidents

Most of the injuries in Personal Injury claims are due to car accidents. Most of us have been a victim of car accident or at least know people from our immediate family, or a close friend, who has been in a car accident. Our lawyers understand that a car accident can be a life-turning event. You might be confused about your rights after a serious car accident. It is also possible that you might not correctly measure the significance and value of your case. You could be waiving badly needed compensation if you don’t file your claim correctly.

Here are the reasons why you should reach out to our legal team.

Laws in Texas for Car Accidents: Fault Decides your Accountability When speaking in terms of accountability and compensation, most of the states in our country are either fault or no-fault states. When the state is a no-fault state, insurance companies are to pay for everyone’s medical costs irrespective of who was at fault for the accident. When a fault state, damages from accidents are to be paid by the driver who was at fault. Such is the law in Texas. This means that in case of someone else’s fault during the accident, you have the right to file a case against the driver at fault. You can also file against your own insurance company if you have paid for additional coverage.

Requirements for Filing a Case Against Another Other Driver:

Obviously, insurance companies are unwilling to pay money to you if they can avoid it. The ONLY reason insurance companies hire Insurance Adjusters is to minimize the amount of money they pay out. Hence, just the fact that the fault wasn’t yours in an accident isn’t enough. Proper evidence and proofs are required to verify that if it weren’t for the other driver’s actions, the accident could been avoided. With the assistance of our attorneys, you can gather the following types of proofs and evidence:

  • Statements of eyewitnesses;
  • Police accounts;
  • Vehicle control module data;
  • Views of experts in accident reconstruction;
  • Images of damages and scene of the accident;
  • Examination of vehicles’ physical damage; and
  • More.
Our lawyers have expertise in litigation to help you through your case.

Comparative Negligence (Shared Faults) in Texas:

Usually, depending upon their ratio of faults, each of the involved parties is to pay for their share of damages. So, if you are responsible for only 5% of the damages, you will have to pay your 5% share for the damages. The other party will not be compelled to pay 100%. The compensation is divided fairly between both the parties. The other party will compensate for only 95% of the damages.

How Compensation Is Made for Car Accidents in Texas

It’s important that you understand the ways you can be compensated for your damages in a claim or a lawsuit for car accidents. If the other party fails to fulfil their responsibilities and liabilities, you have right to file a case against them in court. You can be compensated for your damages as follows:

  • Future reduction in capacity for earning;
  • Medical costs;
  • Missed payments or wages;
  • Future medical costs;
  • Physical or mental harms; and
  • Physical property damage to your car
  • Other damages…

Why Should You Hire the Rodriguez Law Firm, PC?

After a car accident, car insurances assist their covered drivers by attempting to shield them from any personal accountabilities of the incident so that no, or very little, money and property damages are paid. You will require a lawyer to prove the other party’s fault and a professional negotiator to study your case and make sure that your settlement is just. The flaws in the cases are not necessarily obvious. You can boost your chances of getting 100% compensated for your damages with the help of our lawyers. In case of serious injuries, an attorney is a good option for you. Your priority should be your healing and recovery. You can depend on our legal team to get the most possible amount of money for your damages. To Get Free Consultation Today Contact The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC After informing the police of the accident and getting medical help, contact our attorneys immediately. Call us at 1-800-417-1693.

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I had been turned down by other attorneys because my case was going to be a difficult case.  The Rodriguez Law Firm took my case and immediately filed suit.  The were not scared of fighting a 500 Fortune Company!

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The insurance company was trying to hardball me.  I went to the Rodriguez Law Firm and they immediately filed suit got ready for the fight!  I had never seen that in any law firm.

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