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Business & Corporate Attorneys


Serving & Assisting Businesses with a Wide Range of Legal Matters


The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC provides legal help for businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. We provide our clients with not only legal advice but also provide them with business tactics and opinions along with information relating to finance, business operations and with the economic environment of the industries.


Businesses and corporations both are subject to certain law and regulations especially with matters like selling shares, increasing the number of partners, raising capital, or even dissolution of a company.

Without following those laws or rules, businesses cannot thrive and prosper. Laws and rules regulate the company or business and provide procedures that must be adopted or face penalties and fines.

The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC can assist you with the following services to your companies or businesses:

  • Business formation and organization

  • Operating agreements and partnership agreements

  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation.

  • Corporate compliance

  • Purchase and sale of companies

  • Employee relations

  • Employment law conflicts, including discrimination and sexual harassment

  • Dispute resolution and litigation

  • Dissolution of a business

  • Business succession planning

  • Construction law

  • Labor and Employment law

  • Litigation and stakeholder disputes

  • Mediation and arbitration

  • Non-profit Organization

  • Real Estate and land use


These complex matters can be dealt with only by an experienced and skilled business attorney. Unskilled and naïve attorneys can ruin matters from the start which can cost expensive legal disputes in the future.

The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC can provide and assist you in your business matters and transactions.  Call us today.

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