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The Best Attorneys are Here to Help

If you have a loved one who was seriously injured or died in a nursing home, bear in mind that it was never your fault. You have an opportunity to make things right. Our team of Nursing Home Neglect attorneys at the Rodriguez Law Firm can help you get through the process. Our team of qualified medical experts will begin with a review of medical records, which will help our experienced home abuse attorneys determine whether the claim is appropriate.


Rodriguez Law Firm is known for their experience in representing families whose loved ones have suffered from injuries resulting from nursing home neglect or abuse. Some of the compensation these victims and their families get are for burial expenses, physical pain and suffering, hospital bills and medical expenses, mental distress, and physical impairment.


So, if you are looking for a nursing home abuse attorney or you know somebody who has a loved one that is believed to be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, come by our office as soon as you can.

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