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The popularity of bikes is rising with time. More people are riding bikes as a part of their hobbies and are prioritizing bikes for transportation.

Even though riding bikes is a fun way to spend some time outdoors and relish it, it can also prove very dangerous for you.

When an accident takes place between a bike and a car, it can result in very dangerous injuries and can also prove fatal. In 2018, NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) informed of deaths due to bike accidents numbering more than 850. 

Laws have been introduced in Texas for the bikers. The first step is to get medical help if you or someone around you suffers a bike accident.

To get your share of compensation, a lawyer for bike accident should be contacted to gain more information regarding your rights.

Your Rights as a Biker

Bikes are considered vehicles in Texas like many other states. Bikers are granted the same responsibilities and rights like those of other vehicles and car drivers that drive on roads and paths. Hence, the same roads are used for bikers and car drivers alike. However, bikers are also expected to follow driving laws they fall under and ride carefully. Following are these laws:

  • No driving or riding in a state of intoxication or sedation;
  • Letting pedestrians cross on zebra crossings;
  • Following traffic lights; and
  • Any other relevant laws for driving.
There are also proper laws implemented for bicyclists in Texas. An outline of laws for bike is provided below in the descriptions. To understand your rights in the legal world, a professional lawyer for bike accidents should be hired for your bike accident. With the help of a lawyer, you can implement these rights after you have completely understood them.

Riding a Bike on Paths and Roads

Texas law allows bikers to use the roadways as a car or other automobile would. When a biker rides on the road, the biker must stay as far to the right side of the road as possible and away from cars. Even though bikes are also types of vehicles according to the law, they have no motors and, therefore, the can also be driven on sidewalks and footpaths.

Laws for Bike Helmets

Helmets are not necessary for bikers in Texas. However, serious injuries can be caused as a result of bike accidents and they can be very dangerous. Even death can be a result of carelessness on the part of bikers if they don’t wear helmets. Helmets should be a must when you’re on a bike.

Equipment Laws for Bikes

Following equipment must be owned by all bikers throughout Texas: White headlight in front of a bike when riding at night with a lighting range of at least 500 feet.

  • A properly functioning brake
  • A backlight with either a reflector or red light that can be seen from 600 feet.
Bike accidents can be especially avoided with bike lights. They're particularly useful at night. Bike accidents are most common during nights hence bike lights are essential to make the biker visible to the car driver. It is necessary to have properly functioning bike lights to prevent any accidents and/or injuries.

Passing Laws for Bikers

Vulnerable users’ law was passed in Texas which recommends cars to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from bikers. In case there's not much space for the car to overtake a bike without maintaining the recommended distance, the car shouldn't attempt to overtake. Car drivers must take proper precautions for the safety of bikers and give them their due rights.

Bike Accidents Types that are Common

Carelessness, low visibility, driving while intoxicated, inattentiveness when driving are all various reasons for bike accidents. Accidents involving bikes and cars are the most dangerous of all types of bike accidents. Serious injuries or even death can result from accidents between vehicles and bikes due to the weight and volume differences and also because of the exposure of the biker. The most common bike accidents types are given below in the descriptions. They will help you prevent injuries and accidents and understand various harmful situations.

The Right Hook

One common accident that takes place between a biker and a car driver is the right hook. When a car overtakes a biker from the left side and immediately takes a right turn to appear right in front of the biker. This situation is called the right hook

The Left and Right Cross

These types also fall among the most common bike accidents types. When any vehicle or car turns to immediately come in front of the biker, from the right, in the middle of the road, the situation is called the right cross. The situation known as left cross happens when the automobile comes in front of the biker from left.

Behind Accidents

IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) claims that almost 45% of all the bike accidents happen when vehicles are moving parallel to each other. Stay attentive when you’re on a road as a biker. Use bright and effective lights and wear reflective and bright clothes when on roads at night to prevent any accidents. Is a Lawyer for Bike Accidents Important for Me? Many problems and even stress may accompany you after a bike accident. You might require some monetary assistance or recompense after receiving some serious injuries after a bike accident. Involving insurance companies and filing a rightful case can add to your stress. Gain the help of our skilled attorneys for bike accidents to receive legal guidance and manage your stress better. A professional lawyer for bike accidents can do the following for you:

  • In case of a trial, they can stand as a representation for you in court;
  • Collect important materials like documents and reports to assist you in your case;
  • Communicate with the court, police and lawyers for you; and
  • Settle with the insurance companies and rival party to set higher settlements for you.
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