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Common Hernia Mesh Injuries and Complications

  • Infection

  • Pain

  • Bowel obstruction

  • Migration, the implant moving from its original application

  • Perforation of organs and tissues

  • Adhesion, scar-like tissue that sticks together

  • What does a Lawyer in an injury case cost me?
    A Free Initial Consultation. Every prospective client is entitled to a free initial consultation with someone from our firm without any kind of charge or obligation. During this free consultation, we will gather facts from which we can make an initial assessment of your case. Based on this assessment, we may agree to represent you, or we may refer you to other competent counsel if we have a professional conflict of interest or if you have a type of case that we do not customarily handle. It is also possible that we might advise you that your harm is not compensable or that based on our assessment, your chances of recovery are slim. We know you would rather hear truth than an unattainable dream. A Contingent Fee Agreement on Injury Cases. This is an arrangement whereby the client will not have to pay any attorneys’ fees, unless there is a recovery by settlement or verdict from the defendant(s). In other words, you “Don’t Pay Unless You Win”. In fact, we receive payment for our services – only after we recover money for you. Under this kind of agreement, we receive compensation for our work on a case based on a percentage of the total recovery. The amount you would have to pay as a client would be equal to a specified percentage of your total recovery, consistent with applicable law and regulations. Court Costs and Expert’s Fees. Costs customarily are payable at the conclusion of your case, and are separate and distinct from our attorneys’ fees. These are costs we must pay to file cases, serve defendants with notice, take other actions involving the courts, and hire appropriate experts. Expert fees are also paid only at the conclusion of your case. For Further questions Contact Us at 210-467-5081 immediately
  • What is my case worth?
    It is impossible to make generalizations about the value of any case without knowing the details of the harm caused and the manner in which it was caused. One of the most important jobs that we at The Rodriguez Law Firm PC will conduct is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to detailing all possible losses that will translate into a legal recovery. The law allows recovery for a wide range of situations, many of which may not be readily apparent to the injured party. This includes past medical bills, future medical and rehabilitation costs, therapy, lost past wages, lost future income, pain and suffering, and more. In addition, we can explain how your family members might recover with their own claims. When someone is injured, other members of the family are often adversely affected as well. Those harms can often be recovered separately from the damages awarded to the individual hurt. We can explain whether that applies in your case. We will consider a range of issues when making determinations about what damages to seek. Do not fall for the trap of believing the worth of your case from the insurance company. They are not advocating for your interests and have incentives to drastically underestimate the value of your losses. Only a legal professional with a duty to fight for your interests can provide a fair assessment of the value of your case. For Further questions Contact Us at 210-467-5081 immediately
  • Do I need a lawyer for a car wreck?
    Yes, although you are not legally bound to hire a lawyer, it can be in your best interest, whether you are the injured party or at-fault driver. A qualified accident lawyer can help you settle a claim, handle negotiations with your insurance company, help you deal with paperwork from the insurer, and support you in cases where you are being sued or going to court. For Further questions Contact Us at 800-417-1693 immediately
  • Do I need to speak with the other driver’s insurance company?
    Avoid speaking with the insurance company representing the other driver. You have the right to refuse to speak with any insurance agent that may contact you. Insurance claim reps will attempt to obtain information from you that can hurt your claim. The insurance company may also attempt to settle with you before you have had a chance to speak with an attorney about your injuries. If you accept their settlement offer, you will not be able to pursue additional compensation. Do not sign any paperwork without first speaking with your insurance company or a lawyer. For Further questions Contact Us at210-467-5081 immediately
  • I didn’t feel any pain after the accident and refused medical attention. It’s been a few days and now I am in pain. What can I do?
    Often times, car accident victims do not feel any pain until several days after the collision. Regardless of how long after the accident, and how minor you believe the injuries to be, it is in your best interest to see your doctor. Continue treatment until your doctor releases you. You’ll want to maintain a log of these visits to help prove your claim. Even if you did not initially complain or receive medical attention at the time of the accident, there is still the potential for you to obtain compensation. For Further questions Contact Us at 210-467-5081 immediately
  • I was in a car accident. What information should I collect?
    The first step to take—assuming you are not severely injured and unable to move—is to call 911. Then talk with the other drivers involved in the accident and collect names, contact information, driver’s license information, and insurance information. Even if the driver of the car is not the owner, it is still important to record the same information as well. If you are able to take down notes, then include license plate numbers, specifics about the car(s) involved (i.e. year, model, make, etc.), and take pictures if possible. If there are witnesses willing to provide you information, then take down their contact information and statements of what they saw. Also, get the contact information of any police officer that responds to the crash and takes down a report. Get the incident or report number as well. For Further questions Contact Us at 210-467-5081 immediately
  • Should I file a Police Report?
    It is in your best interest to contact the police immediately after an accident. Even if you feel that damages to your car were minor, having a police report on hand can help you make a solid case with your insurance company and the courts. The police will also examine the other driver for drug or alcohol use, which can play an important factor in your injury claim. Also, never settle with an at-fault driver at the time of the accident as this can negatively affect your claim. For Further questions Contact Us at 210-467-5081 immediately
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