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Common Hernia Mesh Injuries and Complications

  • Infection

  • Pain

  • Bowel obstruction

  • Migration, the implant moving from its original application

  • Perforation of organs and tissues

  • Adhesion, scar-like tissue that sticks together



Are you a victim from a failed hernia mesh operation? A hernia takes place when an organ, intestine, or fatty tissue pokes pushes through a gap or a fragile spot or whole area in the surrounding adjacent connective tissue or muscle. More than a million hernia repairs are performed in Most hernias occur at the abdominal wall. Sometimes a hernia can be noticeable as an external lump particularly when squeezing or contraction of abdominal muscles. In the U.S. every year, and hernia mesh is used in more than hundred thousands of hernia restorations are achieved, and 90 percent of those hundred thousand repairs, restoration procedures, contain hernia mesh. But some, not all. hernia mesh have been linked to serious and dangerous complications restoration procedures, some of the mesh have been linked to severe and treacherous difficulties as well. Your search to file a lawsuit for hernia mesh claim comes to an end now! The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC is accommodating hernia mesh lawsuit claims on behalf of the victims who have experienced severe complications following hernia surgery and had to have revision surgery—or they have been told that revision surgery is recommended. If you are one of those who have gone through harsh complications following your hernia surgical procedure, contact us at 1-800-417-1693 or explain your case information online, and we will have somebody from our legal team to communicate with you shortly. You may be eligible for compensation. Our attorneys have knowledge and a reputation for personalized, compassionate partnering based on years of practice and we have a name in the market for adapted, concerned dealing with our clients. Besides this, we also have approach to the expertise, resources, strong skills, assets, and workers to fully investigate your circumstances in order to get you the rights you ought to have.

What is Hernia Mesh?

More than a million a hernia repairs are done annually in the U.S. Hernia mesh is used in the most of them. Hernia mesh is more like a medical apparatus, which is used by surgeons to patch, plug, or reinforce their closure, a weak portion of a muscle, or connective tissue during surgery. Hernia mesh devices are made from synthetic materials or animal tissue. Synthetic surgical mesh may be made from absorbable or non-absorbable materials or a combination of both. Surgical mesh made from animal tissue (usually intestines or skin) is absorbable. Absorbable mesh degrades and loses strength over time. New tissue growth over time is expected to strengthen the repair when absorbable mesh is used. Non-absorbable mesh remains in the body indefinitely. It is a permanent implant.

Hernia Mesh Complications

As with any surgical procedure, hernia repair has risks. In the USA more than a million surgeries are performed relating to hernias. Surgical procedures related to hernia mesh surgeries include:, Infections Mesh migration Adhesion Bowel perforation Bowel aches Accumulation Blockage of small or large intestines Hernia relapse Scar Hemorrhage Abnormal connection between vessels, organs, or intestines. The liquefied accumulation at the surgical site The gap between adjacent muscles or tissues (perforations) Contamination hernia reappearance Throbbing Recurring or severe mesh movement Adhesion Tenesmus Fistulae Mesh failure Rejection Hernia recurrence Mesh reduction

How can you know if your hernia mesh is damaged?

Sometimes, hernia mesh can be damaged. There can be multiple factors involved, and in some cases, surgical procedure may only be the way to tell if the mesh is ripped or not. Surgery may be able to determine if: Mesh was torn from the stitches due to patient's own weight Mesh lost its stitches because of mesh movement. Mesh was grinded down and torn into pieces. (These pieces can prick adjacent tissues.) These are some particular Brands of Hernia Mesh Linked to such problems and difficulties. Although general complications and issues can be seen in hernia restoration treatments, there are some particular products and kinds of hernia mesh which are linked to a higher degree of problems than the rest.


The following are certain kinds of mesh that have produced a lot of adverse reports as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): C-QUR mesh by Atrium Medical Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh by Ethicon Inc. 3DMax, Composix E/X, PerFix, Ventralex ST, and Sepramesh IP Composite meshes by Bard Parietex™ Composite, Parietex ProGrip™, and Parietex Surgical meshes by Covidien The complications described about these mentioned meshes have repeatedly required secondary correction surgical procedures.

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