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Providing Legal Assistance to Employers and Employees

Disputes within the workplace like unpaid wages, unfair competition, whistleblower actions, sexual harassment, and discrimination, can be dealt with by the help of The Rodriguez Law Firm’s professional lawyers. We assist employers and employees alike. Irrespective of the claim being for or against the employer, we provide clients with professional and efficient solutions to their legal problems. We will support you at every step once you engage our firm. We will litigate following cases: * Commercial and Corporate lawsuits * Arguments in partnerships * Discrimination based on sexual orientation, sex, age, nationality, and race. * Harassment in place of work * Extra hours and low pays *Unfair termination Contact The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC if you are seeking professional attorneys. As an employee or a business owner, sometimes legal hurdles that stand in your way to make a profit. Call us at (800) 417 – 1693 to talk to an attorney right away!

Providing Legal Services to Employers:

Management of your daily tasks is your core duty if you’re an employer. You should not be burdened with legal issues. Guidance provided to businesses by The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC: Arrange workshops and seminars on topics like diversity issues, illegal and sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, illegal hiring of employees, and basics of employment to assist HRs personnel and supervisors. Litigating any unfair adverse action. Guarding trade secrets of your company. We will manage any harassment issues and/or any other form of misconduct by an employee by conducting proper, reliable investigations in the workplace. We offer our services to make neutral internal assessments to find any errors in your employment practices and provide suggestions and guidance for termination of personnel. Litigating contract and tort cases like the breach of covenants not to compete, promissory estoppel, breach of fiduciary duty, and cases for discrimination and harassment. To reduce risks of litigation related to all aspects of employment. We help you with terminating an employee in a manner that will not end up in court.

Serving Employees with Complaints in Their Work Environment

Employees can bring an employment cases against companies for any unethical or bad treatment that is protected by law. Our attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC can help you. If, as an employee, you have any of the following problems or complaints, we can help you: Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: It is your basic right to protect yourself in case of sexual harassment. Let any of our attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Firm, PC help you right away. Unjust Termination: If you think you were terminated unjustly against a law that protects you from that type of termination, you can file a claim to protect your rights. Our attorneys can assist you in your struggles. Other Forms of Discrimination: Are you a victim of discrimination based on sexual orientation, sex, age, nationality, disability, or race? We can protect your rights with our expert lawyers. CALL US NOW at 1-800-417-1693.