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Defective Drug and Medical Device Attorneys

Seeking Justice in Product Liability Cases

The task of ensuring that the citizens of America are protected from unsafe medical devices and pharmaceuticals has been assigned to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) among other duties. Their process for approval is often costly and lengthy, requiring an exhaustive lab testing before any clinical trials on humans, and most times, drugs do not make it to the clinical trial stage. Only one percent of these drugs tested in labs get to be tested on humans. The cost of each drug over an average of twelve years of testing and development can be as high as $350 million. Because of the diligence of this process, most drugs and medical devices flooding the market are safe for consumers. However, when an unsafe medical gadget or a flawed drug is distributed to consumers, the results are often disastrous, altering the lives of individuals and families to a great extent. The defective drug attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Firm have worked on several cases with clients who have been harmed by medications that were supposed to make them better after an illness or injury. Most of the time, manufacturers and doctors do not make adequate information on the risk of certain drugs available to patients, other times; products are promoted and administered for purposes other than which they were initially approved.

What type of claim can I file?

Claims over unsafe medical devices or medications are covered under an area of the law that focuses on commodities used by consumers known as product liability. We have product liability attorneys who specialize in representing clients in one or more of the three main types of claim: Design defects Wrongly advertised or defective drugs Manufacturing defects Basically, drug manufacturers are required by law to ensure that their products are safe, both in manufacturing and design. The law also prevents them from promoting their products to consumers for any non-FDA-approved uses, otherwise known as “off-label marketing”. Anyone in the chain of distribution of a medical device or drug is a possible defendant in a product liability claim. Negligence could be found to come from testing labs, pharmaceuticals manufacturers, sales representatives, hospitals, doctors, and/or pharmacies who will thereafter be held accountable for the damages suffered by victims od harmful or defective drugs. You may also file for medical malpractice if you are suing a doctor, clinic, or hospital. In this case, you will be required to provide evidence that there was an existing doctor-patient relationship, the doctor was careless, the carelessness of the doctor caused the injury, and specific damages resulted from the injury. As long as you have a substantial legal basis, you are allowed to file several types of claims against the offenders.

Class Action Lawsuits

As a victim of bad drugs, you have a choice between filing a claim in federal or state court. This is because the sales and distribution of these drugs by manufacturers take place not only in a single state or region but around the world. You also have the opportunity to join a class-action lawsuit if you are looking for a settlement for injuries that resulted from harmful medication. Class-action claims are formed when several people have suffered damages from the same product. With the pros and cons of this lawsuit, it is an option that requires careful consideration. For better understanding, our experienced product liability attorneys can help you decide if joining a class-action lawsuit is the best option for you or filing an individual claim.

Have you suffered injuries from any of these medical devices or drugs?

Mesh implants Risperdal Zantac Valsartan Knee implants IVC filters Zofran Others Furthermore, our team of attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Firm manages claims related to talcum or “baby” powder, which has been connected to ovarian cancer. This comprises of claims against Johnson and Johnson for women who used Johnson’s Baby Powder, as well as Shower-to-Shower, and now have ovarian cancer. Why do I need to file a Defective Drug or Medical Device Claim? First of all, if your physical or psychological health – or that of your loved one – has been compromised, you deserve to be compensated for any treatment required to help you regain sound health and qualitative life. You can also reclaim lost remunerations if you work with an experienced defective drug lawyer. The second reason to file a claim is to prevent further damages and protect others from suffering the same predicament. Massive damage can occur in a very short period since over one-third of the United States’ population alone use these medications for different health needs. If you were affected by the drug, how many other people have been affected? How many are been affected at this moment? You can help raise an alarm for other unsuspecting consumers and prevent further damages by speaking up. Finally, creating awareness of defective drugs through lawsuits can help solve the mystery of the never-ending problems with harmful medication. Although the approval process of FDA is lengthy and costly, history shows that big, billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies spend large bucks on lobbying in Congress to accelerate the drug approval process. They thereafter follow this up with additional billions of dollars to promote their products to patients and doctors alike. It can seem impossible to fight the drug companies, especially with the kind of power they wield, but working with the right attorneys will not only help patients get a fair compensation but will help prevent further victims of that particular drug and also affect the way that pharmaceutical companies handle their business. This will most definitely, protect others from the dangers of future drugs, even other than the particular drum that harmed you.

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