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How To Clean Your Credit
How To Create New Credit
How To Do It Like Lawyers Do It


Clean up your past

Learn to work directly with credit bureaus and creditors to challenge negative items and increase your  credit scores.

Track your present

Learn how to look at your credit report every day without affecting your scores. 

Change your future

Great Credit creates a Great Life!





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The best decision you will ever make to create or restore your credit


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Chapter 1

Build Your Credit Foundation What does it mean to have good credit? Who cares who sees it? Essentials to Repairing Your Credit Steps to Credit Repair Repairing Your Credit Ratings Understanding the Fact Understanding Credit Files Takes Observation Stop, Think, and Listen Using Pre-paid Credit Cards The Importance of Credit Reports

Chapter 2

Assumptions & Preventions Avoiding Bad Credit and Repair Credit Hassles Avoiding Complications for Home Owners Avoiding Credit Denials Avoiding Payday Loans

Chapter 3

Credit Building Ideas and Strategies Caution You Need To Observe When Building Your Credit Building Credit and Stopping Creditors Building Credit History Credit Building Strategies Building Credit Building Credit to a Better Future

Chapter 4

Creditors Calling It’s Time to Repair your Credit Avoid Going to Court Collection Agency Defaults Identity Theft Victims Skip Ahead to Build Credit

Chapter 5

Credit Repair System

Chapter 6

Establishing Credit, the Great Task Government Credit Repairs Student Credit Repair Solutions for Building Credit Keeping Track to Repair and Build Credit Knocking Down the Debts with Credit Repair

Chapter 7

Options to Avoid Requesting Payment Options Laws in Credit Repair

Chapter 8

Solutions to Repairing and Building Credit Reversing Credit Repair


Steps To Credit Repair Obtain Your Credit Report Analyze Credit Report Information File Police Repor Actual Attorney Letters You Can Send to the 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies

Succeed Where Others FAIL!

See Credit Card Offers Come to YOU!


What Have Others Removed From Their Credit Reports?